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Spanish at Totnes Progressive School

Spanish is now the most popular foreign language studied in the UK and throughout Europe after English. For native English speakers the Spanish Language is very accessible due to the similarities in grammar and vocabulary. Spanish is taught from Foundation all the way up to GCSE. Younger students start by exploring themes and the basic aspects of vocabulary and grammar.

The purpose of the Foundation Year is to allow them to discover that learning a Foreign Language can be enjoyable. KS3 is about providing students with the tools they need to communicate in Spanish. Special emphasis is placed on developing the four skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing. Real-life situations are introduced to the classroom, and the Spanish language comes alive utilising games, then Pen Pals project, and there is the opportunity to join the annual school trip to Spain.

The Spanish GCSE allows students to transform their hard work into a formal qualification. Classroom activities are aimed at developing greater spontaneity and fluency using effective pronunciation and complex structures. Students at this stage will be fully able to communicate effectively in a Spanish-speaking country.

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