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Music at Totnes Progressive School

Music Department

Learning Spaces

We have three different spaces in the Music department; the main teaching space (which has three electric pianos, a drum kit, various hand held instruments and 4 Apple Macs), the Tech Suite (more Macs), and the Band Room (lovely upright piano, guitars and basses and another full drum-kit). We often use all three of the spaces in any one lesson.

In addition to the physical spaces, we also maximise the use of online space. Both the KS3 Music and GCSE Music Google Classrooms are used to store each class/student’s work under the title name of each project. If students miss a lesson, they can keep up to date with their work from home should they choose to.

The Google classroom is divided into different sections for ease of use. In order to find work set or assessment information, students are directed to the “Classwork” section. This is where all documents are laid out in a comprehensive way. The final section in the online Music classrooms are entitled “!!HELP!! I need inspiration…!” and is full of links to inspiring music, helpful websites and revision guides.

Key Stage 3

In Key Stage 3 Music at TPS we feel it is important to learn music through playing and singing as much as possible. Each project is designed to develop one of the three key skills assessed at GCSE; Composition, Performance and Listening skills. We study music from all over the world and from all periods of time.

Students in KS3 study Music for one hour per week. On top of this, we offer 1:1 tuition (on piano, percussion (including drum kit), voice and guitar/bass), and a variety of different vocal and instrumental clubs both at lunch times and after school hours.

Some of our projects in KS3 include:


Building tension (for screens)

Mozart Pastiche

West African drumming and song

Indian classical music

The Blues

Key Stage 4
Exam board: AQA

If students choose Music as an optional subject for GCSE they are given 2 timetabled hours per week. They have the opportunity to attend a “catch-up” session after school hours once a week, as well as a variety of different vocal and instrumental clubs running during lunchtimes and after school. We continue to learn through play as much as possible.

Assessment at KS4

Students are assessed in Composition, Performance and Listening/Analysis.

Over the duration of the GCSE course we provide multiple opportunities to compose and perform both in the classroom and in front of an audience.
In Year 11 each student chooses two pieces of music that they have composed themselves, and their best two performances, to be assessed for their final projects.

At the end of Year 11 students sit a written exam where they are assessed on their listening skills and on the set works that they have studied in the classroom.

NB - Please see the Google Classrooms for more information on Schemes of Work and the full AQA GCSE Specification.

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