ICT at Totnes Progressive School

The ICT department at TPS has recently been awarded the best-practice award of 'Digital Schoolhouse' recognising our input to promoting the use of forward-looking computer  based teaching tools and the benefits of 'computational thinking'.

At TPS we teach ICT skills in Foundation, years 7, 8 and 9 with an emphasis on digital creative processes. These include sound recording and music technology, digital graphics editing and manipulation, animation techniques, HTML5 web based presentations, 3D CAD-CAM design/3D printing, 2D computer design and cutting techniques, video editing and production, visual based programming languages and other processes. Work is project based and students acquire a fluent working knowledge of file maintenance and computer use through their practical work in the IT suite. 

Later in the school we diversify at GCSE option stage - into either the European Computer Driving Licence or the Computer Science GCSE if chosen as part of the student's course of study.

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