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English Language & Literature at Totnes Progressive School

Our English curriculum is designed to develop creativity and passion for reading and writing, and to sufficiently challenge students in preparation for the GCSE courses. Each student will have four lessons of English per week. We blend Language and Literature skills, which is rooted in a fiction text in order to develop an appreciation for reading. These texts have been chosen to deliver a challenging mix of classic and contemporary plays and novels.

We offer an innovative and creative approach to English, incorporating the following:

  • Creative writing: a hugely enjoyable part of our curriculum and now a significant part of the English Language GCSE.
  • Reading and writing of non-fiction texts (articles, letters, reports) to develop comprehension, analysis and critical thinking: all crucial to the new English Language GCSE.
  • Poetry modules each year, across every year group, in order to develop crucial analysis skills ahead of GCSE and to encourage discussion and critical commentary.
  • Regular Speaking and Listening lessons are included to prepare children for their GCSE Spoken Language Certificate and to nurture the confidence crucial to wider school life and beyond.

The Literature course is divided into four sections across two exam papers. We have opted to select the texts following discussion with the students who opt to take English Literature. We have found that students are enthused by this, resulting in higher engagement and a greater chance of success.

Please read our English Department Overview Document for more details

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