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Drama at Totnes Progressive School

Drama allows us to explore social skills, life skills and to creatively explore the world around us.
Key stage three units are structured around providing the students with a variety of ‘drama basics’ including stage-craft, improvisation, contemporary physical theatre, storytelling and general ensemble theatre-making. In what seems like “just games” a variety of technical performance skills are taught with a focus on voice, characterisation/body language and script analysis. Through a series of collaborative and solo tasks assessments are all practically based. 2022 will see lower school performances on our new outdoor stage (23 -24 June: Year 8 Performance Festival. 30 June, !st July: Foundation Performance Festival.)
Yr 9 is a rich (and fun) foundation for GCSE; deepening our knowledge of the above and learning about genre and style, theatrical conventions and practitioners of significance. All of which is assessed in and through performance and practical group work. Plus we introduce theoretical analysis and evaluation of our work.
In Yr 10 & 11 the focus is on the specificity of the three GCSE components; The Devised Project (40%), Monologue/Duologue (20%) and the study of a play text (exam 40%) where we not only explore the work practically, but also from the perspective of lighting, design, costume etc. Pupils can choose design options instead of performance routes. 2022 will see our GCSE Performance- Demonstration on May 26th)
As a department we aim to regularly organise theatre trips and each year facilitate a special enrichment project; a ‘play-in-a-week’ production. Thich is usually a musical endeavour in collaboration with the Art and Music departments.
In addition we run a popular drama club and 2022 productions will involve audiences of not only our school community, but also local primary school children.
For GCSE Drama we use the Pearson Edexcel Exam board (https://qualifications.pearson.com/en/qualifications/edexcel-gcses/drama-2016.html)
Our on-line learning offer leans more towards ‘theatre studies’ with analysis of scripts, characters, plot, narrative and all the magical components that make a theatre production come alive for an audience.

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