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Chemistry at Totnes Progressive School

Studying chemistry at TPS allows students to discover how to conceptualise substances at a molecular level, focussing on their structure and properties, and also the changes they can undergo. Excitingly, chemistry is a subject that practices at the border of the known and the unknown, so students are regularly encouraged to ask questions and to challenge well established ideas.

Many students will find they can use their chemistry skills in other areas, since it can act as an interface for many other subjects, including medicine, geology, engineering, economics and manufacturing. Students will also have a hands on experience, as the subject readily lends itself to ‘learning by doing’ through practical experiments and investigations. The students will also learn how to critically evaluate theories presented to them, predict results based on knowledge, and be able to assess the validity of data.

Running through all of these features is the quest to better describe and explain the world; Year upon year we are aiming to deepen their curiosity.

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