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Key Stage 3
The aim of our Key Stage 3 curriculum is to encourage and inspire creativity and passion for
The schemes of work are conceived with the intention of :
-Exploring different media and a variety of techniques
-Looking at key moments in art history and an array of exciting artists.
-Helping students to develop their own creativity and improve their skills
Each year will always include a fair amount of drawing, this being the foundation of all things
Art. Each year will provide a mix of techniques, media and topics
Year 7 – Aboriginal Dot Painting, for example, gives us an opportunity to look at
composition, colour theory and colour mixing, and to reflect on Aboriginal Art and belief
systems. This is then followed by making a Charcoal and chalk drawing from a Fayum Tomb
portrait, using tone to make form. This leads us into a clay head; More Drawing, Lamassu;
Texture using biro; Basic Tessellations.
Year 8 – The Renaissance; Photomontage; Acrylic Painting
Year 9 – Cubism; Self Portrait; Nature
Assessment at Key Stage Three
Students’ work will be evaluated using two criteria,
1. The ability to draw, design, show form, use tone, colour mix etc.
2. The application of feedback and determination to improve work

Key Stage 4 Examining Board AQA Art and Design (Fine Art)

For the 1st year and until January of the 2nd year we concentrate on making 2 Coursework
projects. The project is chosen by the student. Each project culminates in a final piece.
From January to April in year 2 we work on the exam project.
AQA release several exam titles in early January as starting points. The project ends with a
10 hour exam spread over 2/3 days in which each student makes their final piece. This final
piece is something they will have worked towards and prepared for.
There is no written exam.

Requirements for the GCSE:
A3 Sketchbook (will need between 2 and 3 of these)
Annotation ( Artist research, art evaluation, self evaluation (artwork), expression of
ideas, clarification of the journey)
AO1 Develop ideas through investigations, demonstrating critical understanding of sources.
(art, craft, music, literature, traditions, cultures, religions and beliefs)
AO2 Refine work by exploring ideas, selecting and experimenting with appropriate media,
materials, techniques and processes.
AO3 Record ideas, observations and insights relevant to intentions as work progresses.
(annotation, mind maps, evaluation, photography, interviews, drawing)
AO4 Present a meaningful and personal response that realises intentions and demonstrates
understanding of visual language.
Further reading of the AQA GCSE Art and Design (Fine Art) syllabus can be found on the
AQA website
It will be necessary for students to be prepared to put in extra hours (min. 2hrs) in school or
at home in order to really engage with their projects and get work finished.

The GCSE course starts in year 9
Year 9 - During this year there are 3 projects (Cubism, ‘Me, Myself, I’, and Nature) set by the
teacher to provide a framework for students starting on the GCSE course. We will focus, as
always, on techniques and skills. In addition we will look at how to make an artist research,
writing biographies, working from an artist's work and learning how to evaluate a piece of
Year 10 - Students will work on their 1st Coursework Project. This will be a project chosen
by the student with guidance from the teacher. Throughout the course there will be
observational drawing lessons and technique workshops.
Year 11 - In the Autumn term students will complete their 2nd Coursework Project, again
chosen by the student. From January to May students will work on the Exam Project

In Year 11 There will be a weekly after school club for students to continue with their
There will also be an art day in school during each holiday for Year 11 students to work for
an extended period on their projects.

Art Visits
We hope to visit art galleries and school exhibitions as soon as possible

Covid News
This academic year, 2021-22, Yr 11 students will be assessed for their GCSE final grade on
coursework alone (otherwise known as the ‘portfolio’). This comprises projects 1 and 2.
Normally there would be an exam project (ending with a 10hr exam) from January to April
There will be no exam project or exam in April.
This means that yr 11 students will aim to finish projects 1 and 2 by May 2022

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