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Maths at Totnes Progressive School

Maths Department

Our small friendly classes create an ideal learning environment for maths. We can allow each student to work at their own pace with plenty of individual feedback.

We now have a small team of maths teachers working together to ensure consistency in our approach to the students’ learning, devising strategies and sharing good practice, to ensure each individual’s needs are catered for in the best possible way.

In KS3, we build on concepts learnt in KS2, in order to develop fluency, but we are also preparing all students for GCSE as soon as they arrive at Totnes Progressive School. This is because all the work covered in later years requires a good understanding of the concepts learnt at these earlier stages. A particular emphasis is placed on developing the students’ problem solving skills, from an early age, so that they are well prepared for this in their GCSE.

The maths curriculum is divided into the following five topic areas:

Ratio, Proportion and Rates of Change
Geometry and Measures
Statistics and Probability

In year 11, most students sit either the Edexcel GCSE Higher tier exam, where they can achieve up to a grade 9, or the Foundation tier where they can achieve up to a grade 5.

There are also other options available - we offer Functional Skills level 1 and 2 and AQAs Level 2 Certificate in Further Maths.

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