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ICT at Totnes Progressive School

The ICT department at TPS has just been awarded the best-practice award of 'Digital Schoolhouse' for the second time - after we took a break last year during the pandemic. This national award sponsored by the UK Trade body UKie - recognises our input to promoting the use of forward-looking computer based teaching tools and the benefits of 'computational thinking'.

At TPS we teach Digital Media and Computing skills in Foundation, years 7 and 8 with an emphasis on digital creative processes - as well as starting to embed awareness of computer coding. Projects include sound recording and music technology, digital graphics editing and manipulation, animation techniques, HTML5 web based presentations, 3D CAD-CAM design/3D printing, 2D computer design and cutting techniques, video editing and production, augmented-reality programming and other processes. Work at key stage 3 is mainly project based and students acquire a fluent working knowledge of file maintenance and complex computer software use through their practical work in the IT suite.

Later in the school from Year 9, we offer the Computer Science GCSE. This detailed course covers a wide area of computing including how a computer is built and how the different components work together. The course helps to demystify the way that computers work and introduces the necessary logical thinking skills required to write software using a text based coding language.

The board for Computer Science is AQA and the syllabus can be found HERE

We offer individual catch up support if a child is dropping behind in our 3:30pm to 4:40pm lesson slot where options make this an available study-skills session for your child.


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