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Personal Development

What is Personal Development?


Personal Development lessons are designed to broaden the curriculum outside of the main GCSE based subject areas. Students are encouraged to develop their emotional intelligence or 'soft skills'. This area is in high demand in the workplace as it will also be, of course, in their wider life. They will also gain skills related to critical and strategic thinking.

The sessions take our students gradually through the journey of understanding themselves, appreciating others and enabling them to have the confidence to make their own life choices. They are also intended to increase self-esteem and give students the opportunity to celebrate their own uniqueness. As they build on each success, they develop leadership skills and will find it easier to work as part of a team.

Personal Development lessons are led by a variety of teachers who each bring a unique viewpoint to the learning. For more information, please contact the Personal Development Lead - Nick Trussler (nick@top-school.co.uk)

Learn more about Personal Development and how we integrate it into students' learning.

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