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 So what is L.A.R.S.?

Love  - We should treat others as we would like to be treated.
Acceptance  - Celebrating difference and being open to change.
Respect  - We should feel a sense of worth and help others to find their worth.
Safety  - We should always behave in a way that keeps each other emotionally and physically safe.

Our school ethos, and the foundation of our entire establishment. We encourage students to make sure they remember LARS in all they do, all their interactions with each other and all actions taken. We try and make sure we do these with LARS in mind.

This is true of all students, school staff and visitors as well. When we all take a moment to try and treat each other with love, acceptance, respect and safety, we can make our school and our community as positive as can be.

Totnes Progressive School has a vibrant and progressive culture and climate of continuous innovation. Teachers and students are constantly striving for improvement in education including personal and social well-being.
The culture and ethos promotes respect as well as healthy and productive attitudes towards learning, life and work.
Totnes Progressive School has an ethos of ambition and achievement, striving for the maximum for every learner whilst embracing tolerance, acceptance and support for those around us.

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