Enrichment Clubs

 All students from foundation to year 9 are offered the opportunity to join enrichment clubs that take place at the end of every day. We have made these clubs free so that all students have the opportunity to enjoy developing a wider range of skills and interests. Clubs range from debating and chess to craft and table tennis. These are run by staff with an interest they want to share.

Please see the full enrichment club  timetable here

Debate Club - Laura 

Debating can be a fantastic way to develop analytical skills and confidence when speaking. Students will brainstorm and share ideas, research key information, prepare submissions and rebuttals and take part in competitive debates.

LARS Club - Fiona

LARS stands for Love, Acceptance, Respect and Safety. These are the values that underpin everything we do at TPS. At this club we find out about inspiring people who are making a positive difference in the world. Together, we come up with ideas about how we can make a difference in our school community, the local community, nationally and even internationally. At the start of each term we come together to share ideas about which organisations we would like to support and then we vote to decide which one to focus on. After that we raise awareness within TPS of the work that these charities do (through Circle Times and displays) and we stage small events to fundraise for them. We also enjoy each others' company and eat biscuits!

Chess Club - Cat

An opportunity to come along and hone your chess skills. Open to all levels from beginners to chess masters!

Fitness Club - Simon and Sam

Come and have fun at Fitness Club! Please don't feel ANY previous experience or fitness level is needed - we'll get you started at your own pace. Just bring a pair of trainers and a willingness to laugh :-) See you there! Simon

Craft Club - Kat

From dream catchers and bath bombs to soap making and bead work. An opportunity to relax, unwind and get creative! I am a firm believer that crafting and creating are good for our souls. My aim is for students to create projects that they have put their time and energy into and leave with a sense of pride and accomplishment. All abilities are welcome, and students will be gently guided through all steps of the project. NOTE: 10 students maximum. First come, first served.

Drama Club - Tiffany

Guidelines depending, it is the aim of this club to somehow, somewhere do a modest performance of some kind! There will be a slightly higher expectation in terms of learning lines, but the FUN factor rules! This term the drama club is for yr 8 and the idea behind it is to develop performance-making skills beyond the fun, games and 'learning' of the class. It will be more experiential than 'outcome' based. That said, the aim this term is to create a bespoke performance for the end of term, where the students feel real ownership of their work. We're still under covid restrictions which make drama particularly challenging, but there is reassuringly, plenty of fun still to be had!

Table Tennis Club - Dale

Come and learn the fundamentals of this fantastic game. We will be focusing on the following areas to improve our game whilst having lots of fun: Grip, stance, footwork, forehand drive, backhand drive, backhand push, forehand push, serve, and return of serve.

Netball Club - Zoe

This club provides lots of opportunities for students to develop multi-sport skills and learn about netball. Coaching, game play and activities allow students to improve their co-ordination and fitness while having fun in a relaxed, supportive environment.

Newspaper Club - Laura and Charlotte

TPS Newsletter journalists will be producing a newsletter once a term for students, staff and parents, and it will be full of articles that celebrate events, achievements and the daily life of the school. Students involved in the club will be able to develop their interviewing and research skills, and we will be looking into types of journalistic writing and even practicing photography. There's a lot of scope for potential articles, including opinion pieces, reporting on events, book reviews, film reviews, game reviews, interviews, observations, commentaries on current events, investigations, case studies, short stories, advice columns, sports columns... the list goes on!

Running Club - Sara

Year 8 and 9 Running Club is a relaxed and fun club for all abilities. It's a great opportunity to get fit and enjoy the fresh air after school with no pressure. We do a gentle chatty run on the Totnes trails whatever the weather! Nobody will ever get left behind, just bring trainers and off we go! In the hot weather we may even dip our feet in the river before heading back to base!

Coding Club - Nick

Come and continue the work using programming with CoSpaces Edu. Create playable 3D computer games or learn how to use the Physics engine to create scenes that work like real life. Using Physics - create a huge domino-run that you can start going by pushing over the first object - and which could trigger different things as they fall. Learn how to add sounds and even experiment with putting your mobile phone into a 3D-headset so that you can literally move around inside your own 3D Environment.

Music Club - Anna

Music Club allows students (up to 12 per session) “free reign” with all the resources in the recently refitted Music Department. Students have the opportunity to form a band using any of the instruments within the department, or to practise their music production skills in the


Science Support - Charlotte

Charlotte will be running a drop-in clinic for any Y10 students who might want to revisit a tricky topic, talk through a subject area in more detail, or complete their weekly science revision tasks in a supported environment. Science support can be offered across all three subjects (Biology, Chemistry and Physics), and for students studying both the Combined and Separate courses.

Settlers of Catan - Ross

Picture yourself in the era of discoveries: after a long voyage of great deprivation, your ships have finally reached the coast of an uncharted island. Its name shall be Catan! But you are not the only discoverer. Other fearless seafarers have also landed on the shores of Catan: the race to settle the island has begun! Learn how to play and master this fantastic boardgame - with the opportunity to take part in the UK Championship in July!

Dungeons & Dragons - Ross

You and your friends tell a story together, guiding your heroes through quests for treasure, battles with deadly foes, daring rescues, courtly intrigue, and much more.

Film Making - Ross

This is a course which covers the core screen crafts such as camera operating, editing, directing, producing and screenwriting. The course culminates in the production of a short film that you’ll create in collaboration with your classmates.

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