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Governance Group

TPS Governors -

Chair of governors - Geoff Chapman 

Geoff Chapman is currently chair of the Governance Group. For his first career he served for 16 years as an officer in the Royal Navy. As a training specialist he ended up as second in command of the RN’s School of Educational and Training Technology.  He left the RN to carry out research in fluid dynamics and gained a PhD in Applied Mathematics from Bristol University. For the past 15 years he has been a maths teacher at Exeter School where he is also a Head of House with pastoral responsibility for around 70 pupils.  His daughter currently attends TPS.  

Headteacher - Laura Manley


Principal - Ross Robens 


Director - Dale Lockett - Governance Clerk 

Nominated Safeguarding Governor - Fiona McCarthy (Alumni parent)

Nominated SEN Governor - Jill Bird

Nominated Staff Governor - Sarah Topley 

 TPS Governance Group Terms of Reference

The Governance Group has a strategic role, acting as a trusted advisor and critical friend to the school, and being accountable for its decisions.

The group helps set aims and objectives, as well as reviewing, agreeing and monitoring policies, targets and priorities.

The Governance Group will:

• Hold 6 meetings per year
• Elect a Chair
• Receive Head teacher reports
• Ensure that relevant policies (i.e. Safeguarding Policy) are updated, fir for purpose, and follow the latest, appropriate government guidelines
• Review, approve and monitor the School Improvement Plan
• Review and monitor results
• Monitor attendance of pupils
• Help set pupil performance targets
• Review, adopt and monitor the procedures for dealing with complaints from parents/ carers
• Organise relevant support/training for governors
• Receive a regular report on Safeguarding


Membership of the group will be reviewed annually by the Directors, in conjunction with the current chair, to ensure that the group is fit for purpose. The Governance Group aims to have 7 active members, including the Chair, of which 5 are required to proceed with each meeting.


Governance Group meetings will require a minimum of 5 members in attendance. If this quorum is not achieved then an alternative date will be decided.


The draft minutes of each meeting will be circulated with the agenda for the next meeting of the Governance Group, and will be presented at that meeting by the Chair (or in his/her absence another member of the committee).


The governance group may be contacted by emailing the governance clerk, Dale Lockett dale@school.co.uk

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