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GCSE Results

GCSE Results

At Totnes Progressive School, we focus on high standards and expectations around effort and dedication. Experienced and nurturing staff help every student develop strong academic skills, enthusiasm for learning and love for their subjects. Small classes, led by passionate teachers, ensure that all students experience lessons tailored to their specific needs and requirements. We work with a respectful and encouraging approach which aims to reduce exam pressure and stress. This enables the students to focus on their education and engage with lessons in a mindful and balanced manner. We pride ourselves on the outstanding examination results all GCSE students have achieved from our inception, up to the present day. Exam results have always far exceeded the National average and many students achieve top grades in all subjects.

All of the staff at Totnes Progressive School would like to congratulate the students in the cohort who worked so hard in their Year 11 studies in 2020-21.  It was an unprecedented year due to the nature of the global pandemic and lockdown, and our students worked tirelessly benefitting from a combination of online and on-site teaching to achieve the work required to be awarded their GCSEs this year.

Totnes Progressive School is celebrating an outstanding set of GCSE results. The Year 11 cohort achieved grades of 4 and above for 98% of all papers entered, with 100% of our students attaining grades of 9 to 4 in English and Mathematics. Headline figures of note; 45% of students secured a grade 9 in Chemistry, 43% of students who studied Drama achieved a grade 9 and 43% of students also secured the top grade in History.   The dedication of the entire year group and staff body throughout a year when they had to face the challenges of lock down and the resulting changes to the GCSE assessment processes is to be celebrated.

Top grades of 7, 8 and 9 were realised by TPS students in 40% of all of the papers that were entered.  We would like to congratulate all our Year 11 students for their commitment and resilience. Outstanding results were secured by Erin who achieved 7 grade 9’s and 2 grade 8’s, Toto who was awarded  6 grade 9’s and 3 grade 8’s, Kiran who secured 6 grade 9’s, 1 grade 8 and 1 grade 7 and Lalani who obtained 3 grade 9s, 2 grade 8s and 3 grade 7s.

Laura Manley, Headteacher said “these grades are simply fantastic and are testament to the incredible hard work put in by everyone in the TPS community. The teachers worked so hard during the lockdowns that covered both GCSE years to ensure a high quality of remote provision, but perhaps most impressively these grades show how motivated and committed to learning our students have been. They have been adaptable to all sorts of new innovations and approaches, and we are so proud of them. They are each brilliant individuals and they thoroughly deserve these exceptional grades!”

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