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Why do you limit your class sizes?
Small class sizes are central to our whole philosophy. They are necessary to deliver an individualised programme and ensure that each student is supported fully. Small classes enable teachers to focus on making accelerated academic progress with students. They also promote strong, nurturing relationships, fostering respect for self, others and the community. Children are known and valued as individuals among peers and teachers.

What are "Happiness and Wellbeing" classes?
Mindfulness, Happiness & Well-being and Coaching: The wellbeing and happiness of all our students is at the core of our values and we aim to equip our students with the tools for resilience and contentment. Mindfulness practice is embedded in our curriculum and each year group has regular lessons in Happiness & Well-being. All students who wish to do so have personal life coaching sessions with a certified life coach to help them with any issues they may face, and identify and achieve the success that they want in life. We call our principles for expectations LARS – Love, Acceptance, Respect, Safety. These principles have been set by the students themselves and capture what is most important for us to adhere to in our school.

How do you maintain student happiness?
Happy teachers make happy kids. Our teachers are passionate about teaching their subjects and want to instil enthusiasm for their subject in the students through creative, adaptable and progressive methods. The teachers are focused on listening to individual children and tailoring the curriculum to meet those particular needs and interests. We at Totnes Progressive School want to work with young people so that they recognise and meet their academic and creative potential, have confidence and a sense of their own self-worth, their abilities and a clear understanding of their roles and responsibility in their community. The students of Totnes Progressive School will then be young people who will leave the school ready to move into their future with a confidence that allows them to interact and adapt in today’s rapidly changing and complex world.

What is L.A.R.S?
L.A.R.S: Love, Acceptance, Respect, Safety. Our school ethos, and the foundation of our entire establishment.

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