I S A South West Art Competition 2020


1. Winner        Dylan Bowley Yr 8     ‘Roman Portrait’   (drawing made in yr 7) 

Category     Drawing Key Stage 3

Comment   ‘This piece shows a good sense of scale and proportion and there is a lovely use

                   of tone and texture. Well done!’


2. Winner Anna Vignieri ‘Hokusai Octopus’ (made in yr 9)

Category 2D Key Stage 3

Comment ‘This is a fantastic pastiche of Hokusai’s Big Wave of Kanagawa with an
added twist and it shows a high level of competence with both drawing and
painting. I liked this alot, well done’

3. Winner Louie Strachan ‘Portrait of Timo’ (made in yr 10)

Category Drawing Key Stage 4

Comment ‘I want to find out the story behind this person. I am captivated by the facial
Expression and oppressive atmosphere.The juxtaposition of the light and dark
Creates a brooding atmosphere. Well done Louie, an exceptional entry!

4.  Winner Kiran Clarke yr 11 ‘Snow’ (made in yr 10)

Category Photography Key Stage 3&4

Comment ‘Beautifully atmospheric photograph; captures the mood of the scene
exceptionally well’