Digital Schoolhouse

TPS are super proud to announce some breaking news this week - that we have officially been chosen to become one of the countries select link-schools with the Digital Games Industry in the UK - making us a DIGITAL SCHOOLHOUSE. The Digital Schoolhouse initiative allows huge games industry players to connect directly to schools to try and emphasise the importance of the digital arts and coding. They are eager to attract more entrants into their industry - an industry that is now bigger than the film industry and music industries combined with an earning power for the country of 5 Billion pounds a year!
From the new academic year onwards - TPS will now be running weekly morning workshops for all primary schools in the area to come and learn more about digital technology and coding. We will be launching this initiative in early September so if you have any links with local primary schools please get in touch with Nick so that we can offer them this exciting opportunity.

What will it mean for current students?

As part of the award - we will be able to purchase some new technology to help get computer coding out of the box and into the classroom. We have purchased equipment to develop Augmented Reality using ‘Merge Cubes’ and Samsung Tablets and will also take delivery of seven new Lego Spike-Prime programmable lego kits during the summer.
Nick will also be involved in ongoing training in workshop techniques up in the DSH base in Covent-Garden London and will bring these new workshop skills directly to the students especially in year 6 and 7.

Last but not least we will be able to engage in a national esports tournament! Esports is an emerging area of competitive entertainment whereby competitive computer games that allow for multi users are used to create tournaments firstly inside the school, then regionally and then in a national final. Again this is an upcoming area and worth (amazingly) 1 billion pounds in national income. There are a huge number of associated roles and jobs such as marketing, organising events, recording and web-casting the live matches - and more. All of these roles have been characterised by Digital Schoolhouse in descriptive job-role cards for the students within the tournament. We will be asking students at TPS to take on these roles to support the players in the events as they unfold next year.

We look forwards to telling you more about this development as we launch Digital Schoolhouse at TPS in September.