About Us and Our Ethos...


Totnes Progressive School is a non-punitive, independent school for children aged between 11 and 16. Our school gives students the confidence and support to enjoy their learning and realise their full potential.
We achieve this by having small class sizes, a non-punitive culture, an ethos of LARS (Love, Acceptance, Respect and Safety), bespoke activities program, no homework and a focus on nurturing relationships.
At Totnes Progressive School we have high academic aspirations built on a foundation of respect for our well-being. We start our GCSE courses in Year 9, this gives our students the time to fully explore the subject content without time constraints present in a two-year GCSE system.

Our ethos is delivered through our four guiding principles of LARS (Love, Acceptance, Respect, and Safety), which were created by the students to ensure that we all hold each other accountable to be the best versions of ourselves, and to treat each other with kindness.


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